Don’t avoid the gossip monger. Listen to them and then take either of these two steps.


If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.


The lion was near death. All the other animals came kissing the lion’s feet, with hopes of being named as his heir.

With a clear intent of winning the lion’s favour, the wolf discredited the fox who had not come visiting the sick lion.

The fox arrived just in time to overhear the wolf cunningly whispering discord into the lion’s ears.

“Who could love you more than me?” The fox asked the sick lion. “For I have been all around the world, in search of the miraculous cure I bring you.”

“And what is it?” The lion asked with sparks of life in his eyes.

“If you want to get well again, skin a live wolf, and wrap yourself in the fur while it is still warm,” replied the crafty fox.

On hearing this, the wolf fled as fast as his long legs could carry him.

A friend recommended that I watched “The Outpost” which was released a few weeks ago.

This American war drama, which depicted the real events that occurred in the battle of Kamdesh, Read more taught me one unique lesson.

This singular lesson is where this whole piece would be wrapped about.

Specialist Carter, after devouring his meal in the dining hall, walked up to Lieutenant Bundermann who equally had plans of devouring his meal.

Without delay, Carter opened up about the cowardice of their camp’s commanding officer, Captain Broward.

He spoke of how he had even been nicknamed “Broward the Coward.”

Bundermann’s follow up to Carter’s banter bounced in my subconscious for days. He had listened to Carter speak and remained unruffled.

One would expect Bundermann to join in the frenzy. But he chose to be the voice of reason. After calmly ordering Carter to sit down, he went on not to partake in slandering their commanding officer, but rather, he gave Carter several reasons why his gossip held no worth.

What is gossip?

What is gossip?

According to, gossip is a conversation or reports about other people’s private lives that might be unkind, disapproving, or not true.

Gossips are counterproductive, most times, they are unverified and insanely malicious.

Why do people gossip?


There are truckload reasons why people peddle gossip. I’ll be offloading some here.

They can’t help it: this group of gossip peddlers find it crushing to stay quite. Talking about others is an obsession.

Excited girl

• They need a favour: do you know someone who gives you saucy details about others in a bid to soften you to agree to their demands? They will dish out very spicy information and when you are all caught up, you’ll hear something like, “please, can you help me blah, blah, blah.”

Gift box

• They seek extra information: people in this group will hand out information about someone with the intent of getting more out of you. They want all the data and will even cook up stories to make you spill yours.


• They are out to destroy: these are people who have let envy eat deep into them. Watching others record milestones in their careers, or relationships, is a nuisance to them. They will say anything to bring people down.


They feel threatened: those in this category feel that their friends or colleagues are better off than them. The successes of others makes them feel less important.

Wooden hammer above a scared lego frog

When it comes to being economical with words, many find it impossible. They spit fiery flames from their lips and burn down the hard-earned reputation of others. They are the serpent of old in the garden, who would caress your ears with burning poison. Mischief is what they contribute to society. Gossips are allies of backwardness and foes of success.

Can one avoid the gossip peddler?

Running away

You can’t run away from them. Except you’re ready to scurry around town like a mice which spotted a famished cat. But, hey! have no fear mate. I’ll give you two tips that would help you repel leaky mouthed friends. Choose one which best suits you.

• Listen but do not utter a word: resist the urge to ask any question for clarity. Do not make remarks. By doing these, the gossip-monger would feel the conversation is one-sided thereby blowing out the flames from the discussion. Repeat this two or three times more, and you may have become the bright light that makes vampires shriek in terror.
Listen, then show them another angle to their stories: trust me, I’d prefer you stick to the first point because it takes some serious maturity to actually be objective. Gossips are to a great extent foul and devaluing. And when you come across a colleague bad-mouthing someone, for what they did or didn’t do, don’t hesitate to give a second opinion. An opinion that doesn’t spite, but one that exposes the gossip as ill-conceived and of no use dwelling on it.

Different opinions


And there you have it. You can’t evade toxic people all the time but you can sure wield that big stick day and night. You need to develop traits that deter gossips from having a swell time with you. Focus on value addition and problem solving. Give no room for unproductive comments and side talks.

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Hunting the tracks and fleeing the game: The sabotaging power of fear

In action breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy

Dale Carnegie

A story was told of a hunter who was in search of a lion in the grasslands. He met a woodcutter and asked: “My good man, do you happen to have seen the footprints of a lion?”

“Yes, I have seen them, ” replied the woodcutter. Setting down his axe, he continued, “I will take you to its den.”

The hunter went cold with fear and started to tremble. “Thank you, but that won’t be necessary, ” he stammered. “I am looking for tracks, not for the lion itself!”

The illustration above in no way supports globe-trotting trophy hunters. Anti poaching laws should get tougher around the world. Let’s preserve our wild life.

It’s heart breaking when I am with friends and all I learn, is about what Beyonce did or didn’t do. About which celebrity wowed at the red carpets.

Don’t get me wrong, your life shouldn’t be “all work and no play.” But when the bulk of your existence is being stuck in following the progress of others, and refusing to take steps to better yours, then I think you got a problem.

How often do you reject the thought of being a better version of yourself?
You know when Cardi B would be going to bed, and you know when the latest X box would be hitting the stores.

Yea, I get it. It’s acting all cool and stuff. You don’t want to be termed a weirdo.
Why get comfortable following celebrity trends all year long? It’s not like you’re been paid for it right?

You have no identity of your own, besides doing everything your favourite celebrity does. Following the steps of others while shying away from the steps that would improve the quality of your life.

You admire Elon Musk’s work ethic, but you remain cozied in bed stalking his every move.

You’ve probably heard about how unique you are, how you are destined for greatness, and how you are the next Jeff Bezos. These words ain’t going to make meaning to you if you lay in bed daydreaming of glory.

You could choose listening to Grant Cardone speak all day, but if you ain’t ready to fold those shirt sleeves of yours and start doing something for yourself, you will be no different from the fearful hunter.

Stop chasing the lions footprints, and head to the its den. That is where all the action lies. That is where your trophy lies.
Why do people day dream of celebrity success but refuse to take the required actions?

Humans are social creatures, that’s why you are interested in earning the admiration of everyone by wanting to be successful.
You fantasize of being that top CEO, that big time fashion designer, or even that bestselling author.

Your life is going to remain the same, if you do not start now to create your own path for yourself.

Do you know why stalking those celebrities doesn’t inspire you to action?

Find the reasons below.

• You enjoy being afraid: After reading and listening to all the motivational speeches, you feel so empowered and capable. Then the great “call to action” rings out loud. The time where you prove that you’ve learnt something, that is the time your raging desire and courage goes into hibernation.


The fear of failure overwhelms you even before you’ve tried. The fear of not having the support of friends, the fear of starting something new, and so many thousands of fear will find a willing host in you.

I remember wanting to start a rabbit breeding farm few years ago. My dream wasn’t supported by my Dad, but I still went through with it. I got two rabbits, but lost one the next day. It was so devastating for me. That didn’t deter me. Today, I have a far better number of rabbits, and now enjoy the support of my Dad.

Procrastination rules you: This fancy word, isn’t new. A lot of unpleasant things has been said about it, but it still stubbornly sticks around. The time for improving your life is now. It’s not tomorrow, or next week. Why delay?

You may delay, but time will not.

Benjamin Franklin

I love to lift. But there was a problem, I couldn’t afford membership into any gym club, neither did I have access to standard gaming equipment at home. So guess what? I resorted to using big water bottles as weights, and I remember using big rocks also. It was crude, but I didn’t sit and wait for the perfect moment. Your time is now.

2 ways to help you begin taking action.

You want to have access to inspiring contents on the internet? Below is the link to the top 100 personal development blogs on the internet.

Remember, reading a thousand contents from personal development blogs won’t help if you refuse to implement what you’ve learnt.

• Practice what you learn: It’s only by replicating what you’ve learnt, that you begin to achieve mastery. Don’t just sit all day watching and listening to motivational speakers talk about how they overcame their challenges, and how they made their first million. Pick a lesson you enjoyed most, and make it a part of you.


• Be proud of who you are: Everyone is a brand. Each brand is unique. It’s what makes the world beautiful. Yes it’s fine to admire the screen divas, the tech giants, and the football stars. But in doing so, never beat yourself up for not having what they have or looking the way they look.

Be proud of yourself


You may surround yourself with a thousand role models, but if all you do, is sitting in the audience and cheering on, you have dishonoured yourself.
Those whom you look up to should spur you to action and not dormancy.

Stop imitating and start initiating.

Different tools for manual jobs on a wooden floor
Potter’s wheel

Creativity is seeing something new when you look at something old.

William Shakespeare

A crow saw an eagle drop down from the sky on to a hapless lamb, caught it with its sharp claws and flew straight to its nest.

Very impressed with what it saw, the crow decided to replicate the eagle’s feat.

Swooping down in lightning speed, the crow landed on a lamb and tried lifting it.

But the lamb was too heavy for the crow.

While struggling to lift the lamb, the crow’s claws got caught in the lamb’s woolly body.

The shepherd saw the trapped crow, seized it, and put it in a cage.

Everyone who passed by the shepherd, was more than glad to hear the story of the silly crow who tried imitating an eagle.

You find it cute when a toddler mimics every word you say. At this point, the child is building her vocabulary.

But I trust you won’t find it funny when this child continues to mimic you for the next 4 years. The child’s mental state will be questioned.

It is expected that the child must have found his/her voice by that age.

Why imitation will limit you


Watching “Scoob!” a few weeks ago, I picked an inspiring story from one of the characters “Blue Falcon”.

Blue Falcon was the successor of his dad’s illustrious superhero career. He stepped into the huge shoes his dad left him. Blue Falcon was a brand, and he had to live up to the name his father had built.

Appearing ripped and strong, Blue Falcon found his father’s shadow overbearing.

This is how it has always been done is one sentence I love to hate. This statement kills any form of creativity before it is birthed.

You find businesses and people still sticking to the unproductive old ways.

Let’s look at two examples of great men who chose to be creative in the past.

Alexander the Great had a pattern of seeing old things the new way

Statue of man on horse

When he succeeded the throne after his father Philip II of Macedon was assassinated, Alexander went a step further in outshining the conquests of his father.

Philip II of Macedon united all the ancient Greek city-states through bloody campaigns.

Alexander the Great stepped into the role and became the conqueror of the then known world.

By breaking the world influence of the Persian empire, to uniting the world through one common language, and encouraging the fusion of Greek culture with those of conquered lands, Alexander was truly a genius when it came to innovations.

General Hannibal’s pattern of seeing old things the new way.

Born to a Carthaginian military family, Hannibal was brought up in the art of war.

Carthage during the First Punic war tasted a bitter defeat in the hands of the Romans.

Hannibal took control of the Carthaginian army and went on a series of conquests on Roman territory.

During the second Punic war, Rome suffered terrible defeats by Hannibal’s army.

Hannibal employed the use of elephants in the battlefield to wreak havoc on the Romans.

Though he couldn’t get to the gates of Rome,  he taught the world how creativity could turn the tide of ugly events.

How do we fall into the imitation trap?

Feet in chains

  • By lacking self-confidence: when you doubt your ability to be creative, you will find yourself looking for an easy way out.

  • Not having defined purpose: what are your goals? When you do not know what you want, you settle for anything and everything.

  • Laziness: creating a voice for yourself and your brand takes time and patience. But in order to cut corners, you begin to constantly mimic others.

  • Envy: you ever wonder why you bought that iPhone 11 Pro Max, even though you emptied your piggy bank? Probably your friend became the coolest in the block when she purchased the device. And in a bid to be cool too, you get one for yourself.

It is time to get creative

Water colour, brushes and canvas

You mustn’t study arts in the university in order to be creative. Creativity isn’t restricted to a particular group of people. We are all creative beings. It is not a restricted area.

These are 3 ways you can dump being a copy cat and start using your voice.


  • Embrace deep thoughts

  • Appreciate who you are

  • Exercise patience


Never be in a rush to follow what others do in their business or do for themselves. Our values and motivation may differ.

Instead of imitating, study why they do what they do. Learn from them. Where can you do better?

Always appreciate how unique you are.

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The Placebo effect: a life of deceit

 You thought you had it? It never was the real thing.

Empty gift box


I try to cure my ignorance,

    but I am given something like    


     I try to save my illiterate self, 

     but I am given something like education.

      O what deceit awaits from every corner.

       The landlord builds what looks like a house.

        The politicians promise what looks like emancipation.

          Workers are paid what looks like the salary

           The preacher teaches  what looks like being divine

            I seek for love, but I get what looks like love 

           When would things be done as it should?

         When would the truth be told as it should?

         Know what you want and flee from what looks like it.   Jerry Kaase

Looking back at my poetry piece from 5 years ago, I arrived at the decision to give a clearer picture of the placebo effect on our relationships and work life.

To get a good understanding of what I mean by the placebo effect on relationships and work life, we have to look at the medical background of what is called placebo and placebo effect.


According to, placebo “is a substance given to someone who is told that it is a particular medicine, either to make that person feel as if they are getting better or to compare the effect of the particular medicine when given to others.” 

Or, “something that is given to try to satisfy a person who has not been given the thing they really want.”

Take note of the second definition. Our whole topic rests on it.

Placebos have been used extensively in medical and psychological research to assist doctors and scientists to understand the physiological and psychological effects of new drugs.

The placebo effect is your brain deceiving you that the fake treatment you had is the real thing.

How does this work?

How does this work?

It’s very simple. I’ll paint a nice picture. You have a headache and requested for some painkillers. But what you are given aren’t painkillers but are pieces of chalk made to appear like the medicine you are used to.

Oblivious of what is happening, you swallow the pills. Minutes later, the headache you have disappears even though what you took was just a piece of chalk. 

Evidently, placebos have been known to have positive and powerful effects. But, it is clear, that they are not the cure to the root causes of health conditions.

Placebos shows how trickery and permit me to use deceit, have an unimaginable influence in your dealings with one another.

You and I, may be guilty of using some form of trickery to appear like we mean business or we are real.

How does the placebo effect exert influence on our personal, relationship and career life?

Your headache faded because you expected the painkiller to ease the throb in your head.

Why the placebo worked was because of the expectations you had on the pills.

I have a headache. Where’s my pain reliever? You take it and YAAY! the pain is gone.

Likewise, you place high hopes on others after investing tremendous resources on them. These set of people exploit you and give you little. 

They promise you the world if only you stick with them. They show you the brighter future if you stick with them. It looks appealing and therefore, you continue to stagnate in their camp. 

But what you get is too little. Again and again, you are sweet talked into sticking with them.

You feel in your guts that something isn’t right. But hearing them talk of how impactful you have been to them, you forget all the wrongs.

Mind you, their only intention is to have you around for as long as the placebo effect works on you.

Below are some examples of how the placebo effect influences us.

The story of Frank

Frank succeeded in winning the heart of Mabel, a beautiful lady. In the community of friends and well-wishers, he was a very capable man to have won the love of this high-class chic. 

He was going to do everything to hold the forte in this relationship, even if it cost him his life.  The tongue-wagging and eye-popping bystanders would comfortably say the couple were a mismatch. Mabel appeared way too classy and sophisticated for Frank.

Mabel lived an extravagant lifestyle far beyond the pay grade of Frank. But he was madly in love and would go bankrupt for her.

On a few occasions, he found her romantically entangled with other men. And when he confronted her, Mabel would weep and plead for his forgiveness while professing how much she loved him. 

They would become lovey-dovey for a little while before she relapses to her old ways. The old cycle repeats itself again. Frank is in need of love, but Mabel has other plans.

Sure, he wouldn’t leave her.  He hoped she would change because he enjoyed the little time they spend together. He strongly believed, that she would give him her full love and attention.

Mabel has a placebo effect on Frank’s life. 

Catherine’s story

Catherine is stuck at her job. She is overworked by her boss and receives meagre pay.

She is incredible at what she does working with the marketing department.

She demands a pay raise and threatens to leave if her demands aren’t met.

The management promise to do something about her request. They use incentives to calm her.

The pay raise never comes but the workload keeps bulking up. 

Catherine isn’t pleased with the stipends, but she sees it as the management putting her welfare into serious consideration.

In the two stories, Frank and Catherine may just be left chasing 

You may be in a similar situation or might have experienced such in the past. I wonder how long you will remain glued to one spot by other peoples unhealthy narcissism.

Your friends, and colleagues at work don’t care about your existence. They only make you feel important when they are in need of your assistance.

To these kind of people, you only exist to serve their whims.

How do you overcome the placebo effect?

I believe that you may encounter someone who is very ready to make maximum gain from at your own loss while making you feel feel

Learn to say no: personally, I discovered that saying no to demands that are overbearing to me, saves a lot. Don’t be a yes man. Work within your limits.

Learn to say no

Don’t go hunting for approval: Resist the urge to go at extreme lengths to be everyone’s favorite. Once you are desperate to gain acceptance, you will be taken for granted.

Don’t go hunting for approval

Listen to words, but listen to actions more: words are good but if they do not tally with action, it is evident enough that whoever you are dealing doesn’t mean business.

Listen to actions


You  are valued by your friends or colleagues only when your efforts are appreciated, when your opinions are respected, and when your feelings aren’t being ignored.

You deserve all of these in full measure. 

You don’t want to stay hungry? Then stop trying hard to prove yourself.

Stop trying

One day, a very hungry fox came across an eagle perched on a branch with a large kill in its beak.

Without delay, the cunning fox began plotting how he could obtain the eagle’s meal for himself.

“You have everything,” said the fox flatteringly. He continued “Strength, beauty, wisdom and courage you possess”
“But”, the fox added, ” if only you had a beautiful voice, then you would be perfect.”
Not wishing the fox to think it didn’t have a fine voice, the eagle began to sing.

Immediately, the food from its mouth fell off its beak and of course, the fox claimed the kill at once.

“Your most serious problem, ” laughed the fox, “is that you have more vanity than intelligence.”

And so the fox zoomed off with his spoil, leaving the poor eagle to wonder where it all went wrong.

Have you ever sat in a room (literally) and everyone has their guns blazing? You’re in this crazy standoff but have nothing to offer.

Everyone is exhibiting their intellectual prowess, or talking of their grandiose exploits, while you just wear the smile that says, “how the heck did I end up here?”

Some will keep their mouths shut and only chip in with occasional nods of the head and exclamations. To these group, I salute your stoicism.

While to others which this piece is centred on, staying mute in conversations above their capacity is never an option. They jump right in without having a true understanding of the basics. To these group, prepare for some whooping.

These set of people feel that being relevant is by having a say in every topic or issue. They fantasize on how meaningless a conversation would be without them putting in a word or two.

To them, their views are unparalleled. The world is fortunate to listen to wisdom gushing from their fountains of experience.

The truth is, this group of people are starved. While they expect to receive standing ovations for the countless gibberish they utter, what they receive are puzzled looks from a dumbfounded audience.

They crave for that approval but it is far from their reach.
You may feel that your opinion is needed in every discussion, but honestly, stop making a fool of yourself.

You want to resist the urge to spill your gut every time and still stay sane?

These may help:

Practice silence: this is age-long advice that has proven to be relevant till date. In Proverbs 17 vs 28, which reads, “Even a fool is considered wise if he keeps quiet, and discerning if he holds his tongue.” Your public image in the eyes of your peers isn’t tampered with. Practising silence adds a touch of mystery to your personality.

Embrace deep reflections: when in a group discussion, do more of listening and a lot more of thinking. Grab the main concepts and chew on them. Do you have vague or expert knowledge? Do not speak if you don’t have a clear understanding of the topic being discussed.

Only speak when your opinion is sought: if you’ve been consistent with points one and two above, it is clear that you will stand out in your group. This would lead people to be eager to know what you have locked up inside. At this level, you can still choose not to speak. It’s not like anyone is going to hurt you for not speaking.

Write your ideas down: yes write them down. If you think your opinion should be heard, write them down. Research about it. Have a meaningful understanding of the idea. When you’re through with it, you could post and share on your social media handles.


Never be in a hurry to speak just because you want to satisfy your inflated ego. Exercise a high level of restraint. Add sophistication to your life by choosing your words carefully.
By our words shall we be acquitted or condemned Matthew 12 vs 36 to 37.

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Rabbits can also teach unforgettable lessons

Five white baby bunnies in a nest box

She should have been a year old in the third week of July. I was so proud of how far she had come.

You remember Ferrari, my first rabbit story?

Ferrari did produce 6 healthy kits and nursed them to maturity. I was impressed with her mothering skills. Her ability to maintain her babies at the same size was a clear indication that she loved what she was doing.

I hadn’t mentioned this before. Ferrari was blind in her left eye. She was the most cool-headed of my rabbits. She was the kinda rabbit who wouldn’t runoff even if I left her hutch open.

Watching her rise above the ugly experience she had with her first litter (babies born) was inspiring. All she cared about was to make it up for what she had lost.

As a rabbit farmer, my eyes and heart are both open to lessons these furry creatures would teach me.

Ferrari was a heavy doe weighing over 3kg. So it was unusual seeing her lose weight. I felt her babies were draining her and so I increased her feed ration.

Each day, her condition didn’t improve. Now it had become clear it wasn’t her babies who were responsible for her decrease in weight. Something was eating her up.

She finally succumbed to the illness and died. The vet carried out a postmortem and concluded that she had a fungal infection or an injury in the past which killed her abdomen tissues.

Questions of where I got it wrong began to arise.

I had great plans for expanding my farm of which she was to play a key role.

Still feeling messy about the loss, it became clearer that Ferrari had settled me before she left. You may be wondering what I mean.

She left behind 6 offspring for me. Ferrari had multiplied herself. Instead of grieving, I had 6 of her babies to cater for and 6 other rabbits.

Now my point exactly.

Our sojourn on earth is wild and brief. One moment, you’re ruling the world, and the next time, it’s tragic.

Or, we may be in a position or stage of life today, but tomorrow, we may find ourselves in another position.

What will you leave behind when you exit the stage? Do we leave tales of woe or songs of glory?

My rabbit left behind six times her value which was a comforting song of glory.

How much more you and I who are awesomely crafted and empowered to make a difference in the world.

Jesus Christ left this earth over 2000 years ago but it seems He never left. Knees still bow at the mention of His very name. A great example of how to mark your name in gold.

History is filled with sinister men and women who left destruction behind.

Presently, we are not in lack of them. They feast on the chaos and tears their actions create.


Life has given us a choice. Our hands aren’t tied. We can either choose to be intentional in making rhe world a better place or we could go down in history as another manic villain.

Before You Go Rabbit- My Ferrari’s Story


Some weeks ago, I was handed a priceless lesson on a platter of pain.

I am finding it hard to type this. I shouldn’t make a big deal about it but I have to because the bigger picture seems scary.

In the early hours of that day, Dad called my attention to check up on my rabbits.

He said our dogs were around the rabbits’ hutch and playing dangerously around it.

Kai! I thought within me, I can’t miss this last lap of my priceless sleep.

I remained cozied and enjoyed the early morning breeze. Besides, the rabbits’ hutch was safe from external aggression from rodents, dogs etc.

The day brightened after an hour or two.

I participated in my family’s daily morning devotion. I got dressed for my morning warm up.

Once outside, I paid my rabbits a visit and what I saw drained me of whatever gusto I had.

I found one of my does (female rabbit) that I named Ferrari covered in blood.

Her beautiful white fur was now coloured red.

When I saw her, my Farmer’s instinct knew exactly what had transpired. I unlocked the hutch to confirm my fear and before me was a grizzly sight.

Does instinctively eat up their young especially when threatened by a predator or when being starved.

It is a rabbits’ logic that I still don’t understand. This was exactly what Ferrari did.

She ate all but two of her kits(baby rabbit) because the dogs were a threat to her.

There I was staring at what I had read in books about rabbits’ behaviour when faced with danger.

I called for the assistance of Mr. Emmanuel, the CEO of Axiom Farms who promptly came to the scene and examined the mess.

We are neighbours. The lockdown didn’t forbid neighbours relating.

After a few consultations, we decided to put an end to the misery of one of the surviving kits. It had both ears and four limbs eaten off by it’s mother.

The lessons I learnt

Just a moment of lackadaisical attitude, I paid dearly for it. Should I have responded promptly to Dad’s call, probably the story might have been different. Now I never can tell.

Just as my rabbits was threatened by dogs which led Ferrari into eating her young, so also are many being threatened by the bites of frustration caused by the Covid-19 pandemic being experienced in most parts of the world.

We will do anything to stay alive. We will go rabbits’.

As I had the power to save my rabbits but chose to be sluggish about it and paid dearly for it, so also are those in position to help but decide not to. It is not time to think but act.

Hunger can reveal the ‘beauty or the beast’ in us.

Jerry Kaase

Some individuals and organisations have taken up this challenge to be the beauties at this trying time in world history by providing soft landing for worst hit families.

Humanity is proud of these noble men and women.

Aside the pandemic making people go rabbits’, our relationships be it a spouse, friend, family or colleague, it can bring out the rabbit in us.

Many of us see red flags but refuse or postpone attending to them.

These are threats to our happiness in the relationship which may be as a result of actions or inactions of one or both parties involved.

It may even be as a result of external forces. We should note, that once we go rabbits’, there is no stopping until the harm is done.

Hurtful words will be dished out, blows will fly past, bodily harm may result and death may be the final blow.

As you spent time with your family during the lockdown, did you trash out all the threats and heal your wounds?

Did you come out of this worse than you got in?

Was it a period of communication and not malice?

A time for love and not hatred?

This is surely a time for strong bonds amongst us.

Let me check on my rabbits. I think I heard something.

How to share your stories on Facebook

Hi friends. Do you have the urge to share your amazing stories on Facebook but lack the confidence or skills?

Worry no more. This post is for you.

Disclaimer: If you are after getting thousands of likes on your posts, I kindly advise that you exit now. And please, do so quietly.

With that said, let’s get down to business.

Ancient cave dwelling men painted their exploits by smearing pigments on cave walls. This they did in order to tell their stories, and everyday experiences.

Man hasn’t looked back ever since.

More complex means of recording stories have been developed.

From the clay tablets and the papyrus in the past to our smartphones today, telling stories has been made easier.

Storytelling is a means of immortalising an experience or event.

This piece is to direct you, on how to paint your Facebook wall with your unique stories.

Immortalise your tales, by sharing them with the world.

Here are six methods to use before sharing your post on Facebook.

Be confident: we have so many awesome writers who refuse to click on Facebook’s “post” button out of fear. Some are afraid of having a few likes on what they spent hours developing. Others are outrightly scared of making grammatical errors. Whatever your reasons, practice makes perfect isn’t old fashioned.

Write your story down: Yes, this is important. Even if you are writing just a hundred words post, scribble it on paper. Craft out what you would love the post to look like. Make the bulk of your errors on the paper.

Give your work to a second eye: Personally, my mom serves as a second eye for my writings. She proofread’s them and makes corrections in places I made errors. You have family members or friends who would be delighted to run through your work and point out errors.

Make use of text editors: For starters, I’d be recommending an app called Grammarly. Wouldn’t it be great if your Facebook post has little or no glitches? This is where this text editor comes in. It is able to identify and highlight grammatical errors that were missed by your proofreader. Download this app on Google Play Store.

Make your post neat: Avoid making your writeup appear like a traffic jam. Packing your words without neatly spacing them is suffocating to the eyes. Write two or three sentences, then skip two lines to begin another. This would encourage your readers to go on reading.

Make use of images: This is optional. Your Facebook posts without images isn’t suicide. Once you decide using an image for your post, ensure that the image quality is good.

Congratulations. With these few tips, you can go on telling your stories to the world on Facebook. Keep practising, and writing great contents.

Grab that late time adventure with your inner child

A man standing by a lake, with snow-covered hills in the background

You may appear as warm, and an outdoor-loving chap but can’t keep up with the foolproof for long.

Steering clear of situations that might expose your lack of childhood prowess is something you have developed to a fine degree.

A good deal of us trudged into adulthood with so many puzzle pieces lost.

Some things like having zero tree-climbing episodes or no lizard hunting expeditions are difficult to admit.

We were the typical sit at home kids, not because we enjoyed it, but because the never-ending love of our forerunners wouldn’t risk it.

Missing out on childhood actions is a tragic past that appears insignificant, but haunts much forever.

As kids, they nipped our Christopher Columbus tendencies. This limited our curiosity to the jungles of school literature. Our ever-loving progenitors always lived up to expectations.

Well, some kids never took no for an answer but would sneak and grab some activities. They never minded the consequences.

While others looked on in admiration, the fear of a backlash kept them in check.

I got comfortable as an adult holding others responsible for my deficiencies inherited from my childhood. This was a subtle way of holding liable my dad for not allowing me to do what most kids were doing.

Looking for an opportunity to point accusing fingers at my dad and mom was becoming a sport until I learnt an inspiring lesson.

Do well to take in the lesson I am sharing.

Mr Oche, a facilitator I was exposed to recently in the Skills Lab Jos, “Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills Training” gave me a shocker.

 Standing in front of over 20 trainees, of whom I was a fraction, he found it delightful chipping in a story or two at intervals to keep the class’s enthusiasm up.

So, on this fateful day, he dished out a personal tale that resonated well with me.

He recounted how the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown created a chance for him to learn to ride a bicycle.

No freaking way, I said within myself. 

He pushed further, explaining how getting his kids bicycles inspired him to face his tragic past.

He didn’t get that good time as a child because of his dad not wanting him to mess around in the hood.

Listening to a well built 6ft plus and middle-aged tutor telling the class he learnt to cycle recently, was mind-shifting for me.

There I was enjoying the fault game, while someone far older than I was, didn’t share my narrative.

Ultimately, it got clearer that nothing is truly lost if we keep fighting to grab it.

My social expertise may not be properly developed because of what I missed as a kid. That doesn’t bridle me from building on the little I have.

I may lack the dexterity to ride a bike, swim or build a kite, that shouldn’t clam up my learning.

You didn’t roll tires through the streets or make wooden play guns, shouldn’t be a license to deny your kids their birthright to playful fun.

Make life fun, learn those skills you’ve constantly craved for and listen to the curiosity of the child in you. 

If dancing in the rain is all you need, go ahead with it already.

Jerry Kaase

Changing to please others

According to an Aesop fable, a lion was unfortunate to fall in love with a beautiful daughter of a peasant farmer.

The lovestruck lion went to the maiden’s father to seek for her hand in marriage.

The careful father inorder not to anger the lion suggested saying, “my daughter is allergic to teeth and claws. Come back after you have had them removed. Only then will you marry her.’

Not believing his luck, the lion had all his teeth and claws removed.

When he did return for his beautiful maiden, he was harmless. The farmer ensured that the lion received a thorough beaten and chased him away.

Have you been told that you don’t fit into a group because of what you have or lack?

Has what you love caused you to be different from what you truly are?

Before you bury your dreams to please someone, remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger was told that he was too muscular to be a movie star.

Photo credit: Pinterest